Salt Lake City Let fly, do not torture. At dusk infest crickets and vereschat whole string orchestra in the grass, the trees in the bush - the southern night without music and illumination does not happen. Take a deep breath - you do in Sochi Almost all the attractions you produces a tour desk. "Organized leisure" tours will talk directly to the hotel, "savages" - at least on the waterfront, at least in the Park: under every bush crouched a travel agent with . Trips cost from 100 to 300 rubles. You can go to the famous Red glade - can be reached and the bus and helicopter. This is our ski resort, Putin has ridden here. It planned to spend last winter Olympics, but Salt Lake City ran track, the idea put off for a decade. At this year's Glade opened another level of the lift, and now for three hundred rubles, you can ride to a height of two kilometers. Apiary near this mountain honey (honey yield) and trout farming with fish restaurants. You can visit a nunnery, go to Vorontsovskie cave on a mountain river rafting on catamarans, go to the waterfalls and swim in a mountain lake. And you will be presented in Adler monkey Nursery - a city monkeys will demonstrate even those who have been in space. Opened the way from Sochi in Pitsunda and Gagra. But something ubiquitous tourist office still released from the mind. First of all garden-museum "Tree of Friendship". In a tree grafted More than 600 varieties of citrus, and left their mark almost every big-name guest Sochi, whether Gagarin, Putin or the British ambassador.
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