Mike McCue User In December last year, the start-up also renewed its application for the iPhone, which allows the user find local recommendations on Google Maps. Looking to 2011, Bizzy promises to get new features, so there will be to set aside the eyes of this application. 5 Flipboard 2010 born and baptized as social magazine iPad, Flipboard gives way to information received by the user through social networks and converts it into an attractive electronic publication. However, this application, founded by Mike McCue, has more plans for the future that could definitely change the world of journalism. We must, therefore, follow their next moves closely in 2011. 6 Kik Kik is like the BBM application, but works with both iPhone and mobile phones with Android operating system, making it much more useful to keep in touch with friends. It is a free and instant alternative to SMS that also allows users to check when your messages have been received by the recipient. For this reason, is not surprising that more than 2 million people download this application during the first three weeks of its release. 7 ShopKick although not as famous as Foursquare or Facebook Places, ShopKick has many options of succeeding in the disputed check-in applications market. Finally, after the discount coupons offered by ShopKick are something that the public general accepts and demand more and more. 8 Path this application for sharing pictures via mobile phone is fundamentally conceived as a personal network, since the user can limit the number of people with whom you want to share images. And this is precisely one of their strong points, since it allows to connect the user with the real virtual life. 9 Instagram Instagram made his big debut in 2010 and became the first application to convert the so-called social photo...
The Mind Of A Historical Fantasy The mind of a historical figure by C. Literary Criticism Guy De Lorenzo Pablo Massillon enjoyment and Cruelty 314 pages Selected Issues SRL, 1966 Buenos Aires spends many times that historical novels often more fictional than works of pure fantasy. In this case it is a novel from biographical and historical. Difficult styles tag becomes more features as borderline but in this work is also a strong interest psychoanalytic encyclopedic, licenses or excessive ramblings no spaces convenient, usually the main character's thoughts. It is not easy to write a book about the Marquis De Sade, and fewer have the grace not to be explicit or pornographic, especially in the subject to be treated, but the author succeeds and entertains with a story that does not escape temporal linearity . The order is maintained, that is the encyclopedic who demonstrate the French, to delve into topics in a systematic manner. The story is about Sade's fascinating life, on the way you try to unravel the attitude of the Marquis, morality, and actions that seem abhorrent in the eyes of many but it seems no surprise to the narrator. The pursuit of pleasure in all its forms will be due, according to the author, neglect and lack of interest received from their parents in childhood, from there a series of footnotes will cite Freud, and psychological and psychiatric studies to give a scientific basis for the opinions expressed fairly frequently on the analysis of Sade's personality, even getting into the thoughts of it, an unnecessary risk to be justified with the quotations.