Minister Guido Mantega Lula wants to show that to be competitive not necessarily must resort to the old and well-known currency devaluation, but can also be achieved through improvements in productivity. And as every leading country needs, Lula will seek to promote with this plan the development of key areas such as the military-industrial complex, the technologies of information and communication, nuclear energy and aviation complex. Also with this plan, Lula will immediately boost the shipbuilding industry. Petrobras (BVSP:PETR3; NYSE:PBR), for its part, will hire in Brazilian national shipyards building 146 new boats to support its offshore activities. For the Brazilian economy Minister Guido Mantega, this plan: is ambitious, but with conditions to be implemented. And if it is bold in tax abatements, to reduce investments and promote exports, in fact points to ensure the sustainability of the growth cycle. The confidence that Lula has in the leadership that will reach Brazil, lead him to say that Brazil and other big emerging economies: will be responsible for, the coming years, half of the annual rate of growth of the world economy. There is some risk associated with this industry development plan? Fears that one might relate to the possibility that the same increase inflationary pressures, which can lead to the Central Bank of Brazil to increase interest rates with what will be a situation where impulse the growth of certain productive sectors and will discourage others via higher interest rates. The other risks are linked to a possible boom in income from capital that most aggravate the problem of the exchange rate, but for this situation, is evaluating restrictions on capital inflows. The economy of Brazil grows vigorously and each passing day continues to surprise to such an extent that becomes increasingly difficult foresee far You can reach.
Travel By Ferry I am a tourist guide of Petersburgo and tourists that prepare your stay in our city often ask me about the possibility of travel between Petersburgo and Helsinki by boat. We have just done this trip (my sister, my children and me) and now I can give you first-hand details. We currently have two large vessels (passenger ferry) that circulate between Petersburgo and the capitals of Finland (Helsinki), Estonia (Tallinn) and Sweden (Stockholm). One is called Princess Mary (in honor of the mother of the last Russian Tsar), another is Princess Anastasia (in honor of the daughter of the last Tsar). Princess Mary (on the left) and Princess Anastasia (to the right) ships Princess Mary circulates between Petersburgo, Helsinki and Tallinn and Princess Anastasia between Petersburgo, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn. Times may vary according to the seasons, why give them the direct link of the operator who organizes these cruises (St. Peterline) where you can find the updated information itineraries of the Baltic ferries passing by St. Petersburg usually ships out on the night of Petersburgo and arrive at Helsinki (or Tallinn) in the morning. It is convenient, because you don't lose the day and night aboard is you can sleep comfortably in the cabin. The same for the return, the ferry leaves for the evening and arrives at Petersburgo in the morning. These ships can be used in two ways: as a cruiser, i.e. for the pleasure trip down in the cities that are the route scales, visiting them during the day and returning in the afternoon on the Board to continue the journey or as means of transportation to get from one point to another and stay there, in this case is not bought the entire journey, but a part of the route, in our case we prefer...