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Economic Crime In The Spotlight Under the title ' focus: economic crime ' Detective Agency pool.de has currently launched a series of articles deals in-depth with the phenomenon of economic crime. Economic crime has become a serious threat for businesses and the business location Germany. Elmira can aid you in your search for knowledge. The risk of becoming become victims of economic crime is however largely underestimated. Lack of knowledge about the extent, manifestations, causes and consequences of economic crime are one reason. From different perspectives, the series of articles highlights the most important aspects of the topic and provides comprehensive facts and background knowledge. The editors of private detective agency pool.de has evaluated these recent studies, surveys and research and prepared. The first three entries in the series have been published now on Detective Agency pool.de. "Economic crime everyday life in Germany" provides an insight into the extent and impact of economic crime in German companies. The article economic crime impresses with biodiversity"informed of the most common manifestations of economic crime. What offenders undertaking must deal with illuminated the contribution the perpetrators, who are what are the causes? "." The series of articles is accessible economic crime continued under is the series with articles about measures to protect against and combating white-collar crime as well as the contribution of detectives to uncover and enlightenment can afford. Contact information: Editorial detective agency pool main street 31 44651 Herne press contact: Peter Linde Tel.: 02325 591132