Public Relations Slogan (motto of the company) - a short phrase, catchy, which transmits in a bright, shaped the basic idea of the campaign. Slogan helps highlight the firm among its competitors and gives the integrity of the series promotional activities. A good slogan supports the reputation of the company and reflects its specificity. Derek Jeter will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Important characteristics of rhetorical slogans are short, rhythmic and phonetic repetition, contrast, language game and the effect of hidden dialogue. The slogan is an important component of corporate identity, advertising and PR-policy. Many companies try to provide under the Public Relations prestigious advertising, whose purpose - to generate substantial positive image firm in the minds of a wide range of people, regardless of whether they are potential customers or not. At its core, a prestigious advertising firm designed to connect the name with significant changes for people in the social sphere, with directions of technological progress and cultural life. Creating a good slogan requires great skill, intuition, inspiration and enlightenment. However, we can formulate some guidelines build successful slogans. These principles relate to the content, information of a slogan or are related to the rhetoric - to how this information is presented. Information that is laid in the slogan should be be subjectively meaningful to consumers and reflect the specific nature of the firm. Phrases that are applicable in any situation and those which are suitable for many businesses (such as 'Let's stay together'), are of little use in advertising. From the content point of view, prestigious advertising slogans are best suited to help create and maintain the reputation of the company, cause the approval of the principles of its operation, form a trust relationship to it.
The Environment And someone goes on the hunt. And, probably, in our crazy world it is normal. Last on "Adult" I've been hunting 15 years ago as a child. It is sad that all this time just will not change anything in the way of Russian and Soviet hunter, nor in the concept of drinking, nor in the issue of caring about the world. As before be among the guests of the authorities was prestigious, and now, the guest, "the head of the district" gives a status event. Raising the Russian flag, general construction, ceremonial toasts in honor of someone or for careful treatment of nature would be fun role-playing elements, if not performed with such pathos. I have the impression that most hunters can be divided into 2 types. First: poachers pests - they know that they were poachers, directly violate the statutory rules and do not even think about the harm they cause to themselves and the environment. The second type - a "hunter" who believe that they care about nature, do not approve poaching and have their own "code of the hunter." But at the same time, hunters are the second type, do not hesitate to kill 30 ducks, instead of the allowed five drive hog before the opening of the season or get five deer, instead of one, explaining that This year, they somehow many have divorced. Caring for the environment manifests itself is also quite peculiar. It is normal to throw an empty cigarette pack into the reeds, and the shot plastic sleeve no one thought to collect. Shells lying around the lake in large numbers, given that the period of disintegration of plastic - 900 -1000 years. Modern hunting, like many other phenomena of humanity, is already an integral part of public life. Each a person...