Republic Juscelino Cubishek Later I started to vender directly in the store as Selling. 21 Years Selling of truck Bank of the Bahia I started as clerk then the Bradesco bought the bank of the Bahia started there to grow. Also I find the person interesting to have force of will, determination and much humildade. Who has positive objectives none thinks about negative things does not arrive the place. Black was born in one of the slum quarters of Rio De Janeiro. She had twelve brothers, four they had died, eight they had only arrived the adult phase. Its mother was laundrywoman also was laundrywoman of the President of the Republic Juscelino Cubishek of 19561960 its first ones toys were old toys that the son of the president did not want and when it was child to help in the budget of the house it worked as faxineira, vendia bullet in the street shone shoe and worked with sewing. Its Father washed car and worked in the construction did not gain money enough to support the family, when it was adolescent it found itself ugly did not like them crespos hair nor them feet that it found that they were great, the family was so poor that this girl alone had clothes to go the school, the temptations and the danger them streets were many, one of its sisters if prostituia and one of its brothers turned beater wallet and proper it was molested sexually during infancy for a youngster, the family compelled for earning I was forcene sexually to the seven years of age and spent much time of my life to recoup me. To the sixteen years it was married a painter of walls, it has sixteen years was alclatra and was ten years older than it.
Familiar Budgets One always hears or if to read that the inflation of such month or year was of as much for hundreds. Moreover, it is said that some inflations for each period exist, depending on which index if it relates. Many people do not know as, in fact, each one of these inflations is measured and what they mean for each one person. You know as the inflation is measured? The inflation of a person is, necessarily, equal to the one of the other people? What the institutions that measure the inflation make so that every month they get the index? In the truth, some taxes of inflation exist and each one of them encloses one definitive segment of the society, as much in terms of income how much in localization term. Some institutions as the IBGE, FGV and USP, among others, monthly divulge the variation of prices in the periods gotten using the proper methods that these institutions find more appropriate to get the possible result next to what it really occurred. That is, they wait to get, the variation the variation of prices that is next possible to the variation of prices that a pertaining typical person to the white public. Here I will mention the ones that more are used e, consequentemente, the most known. The IPCA (Index of prices to the Ample Consumer) encloses the families who gain up to 40 pertaining minimum wages to the regions metropolitans of So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Recife, Salvador, $fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Belm, Curitiba, Brasilia and the city of Goinia. The IBGE makes the survey during the month and two weeks later are divulged the results. To get the final value, the variation of the prices is weighed for the percentage that each family consumes of each group...