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Persian Cat Despite its tranquil State, like Persian cats play, but contrary to other breeds of cats they expect to you to invite play. Persian cats do not run and play on their own initiative. Of course, there are exceptions with the kittens that are usually playful and tireless as any of his age. Persian cats have a faint Meow that almost never use. They compared with other breeds manage alone, but enjoy the company of other cats. Almost all Persian cats are very happy being in the House and show few desires out. Although we must bear in mind that if adapts to be outdoors from small they are going to want to leave. Persian cats are characterized by be of medium large size, have long and abundant hair and muscular. The legs are short and sturdy, the tail is short and proportional to the body. The main feature of Persian cats is your face, with a rounded forehead and wide and flat nose. One of the major care that must be taken with Persian cats is with hair, but must also pay close attention to the eyes. His fur is very abundant, thick and they are made up of long, soft hairs that become entangled with ease. Almost all Persian cats like to preen upon, but there are some who hate it. You must comb the Persian Cat in a way systematic and delicate without pulling. You can take a bath every three months or use odorless powders. Likewise, Persian cats have many problems with tearing, unsightly marks they produce in the folds of the face, prevents the formation of these stains cleaning well the folds and the hair around the eyes preferably every day with gauze or cotton. The ears are also great care and should be cleaned with...