Executive Secretary Be a good security Secretariat is to know what the boss needs, thinks, and anticipate giving it with the security of not making mistakes. It is to give the perfect excuse by telephone and that the head is not bad. . Warranty on the performance of the tasks. Become the guarantee of execution of any meeting in which decisions are taken. In this way, the mind of the head can rest and dealing with new things, so their productivity will be greater. To do this you can add other aspects such as: the effective management of human relationships, care, coping with problems that occur. The Executive Secretary of the present must also give way to their creativity, properly handle the modern tools of telematics, facilitate the operation of his boss, becoming proficient in English, in addition to the basics of the current administrative language supports. Requirements that must be filled as Leon does not point to them, must not forget that a good Secretary needs to learn as much as the head. It should be a day of everything that is important in the company. Familiarize yourself with new things, even though they are complex. You must form continuously, make specialized courses, without affecting the normal development of their daily work. The six most representative of the secretariats functions are: 1. draw up specific documentation and develop reports and presentations. 2. Search for information through the Internet and manage emails. Learn, handle with skill, computer skill, the scope, benefits that this generates in the performance of their functions less 3. Manage the file. 4 Screening calls. 5 Carry out coordination and communication with the other departments. 6. Organize meetings, receive external visits and manage trips. 7. Tolerant to the uncertainty with which the business moves. 8. With the ability to...
Alliance Services Today in several cities - conception and Rancagua for example - concessions are overdue and are temporarily extended by resolutions of the Ministerial Regional Secretaries of transport and telecommunications system. The new rule provides that the call to tender it must be by means of a notice published in the official journal, and the Transport Ministry favors companies that offer less-polluting buses, better working conditions for its personnel, and capacity for complementary services that allow to develop efficient, safe routes and quality. In tenders only eligible companies with financial solvency, technically trained to before proceeding to the tender itself, be examined when their economic, financial, operational and administrative capacity. This leaves outside the system to guilds associations of entrepreneurs and assimilated drivers unions which, through campaigns and to parliamentarians and political pressures claimed to continue operating with routes and public transportation services. For the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, as senators and deputies who by a large majority approved the law according to a protocol which the Concertacion and the Alliance signed in September of last year, the faculties were delivered to provide the country, both in Santiago and in regions, with safe, efficient public transportation services and quality and develop this activity by those who have the financial means, and technical conditions of capacity to meet these obligations. The powers handed over to the Ministry of transport and telecommunications are an amplitude unknown in other areas of the economy, to the end that you can expire the concessions and fix possible compensation, by the mere fact of accepting the thesis of change, revoke or modify the services if the public interest so requires.