Virtual Secretary Today undoubtedly internet is very important in the life of individuals and companies. With the current progress of communications is no longer necessary to have a space physicist and domiciliation of societies are the ideal choice for business of recent introduction in a specific territory, or eyebrow to the internet has come to supplant footprint it by the virtual space. A virtual Secretary serves for that very reason, is a virtual space where you can develop activities similar to an Office. That is, a place where developed professional tasks in order to provide a service to companies and individuals. With a virtual secretariat if you can minimize the costs of structure of a multinational, small and medium enterprises, and entrepreneurs or self-employed. Thanks to the domiciliation of societies will reduce the initial expenses of a physical Office, which can often be costly. Advantages of a virtual office * cost: not having a physical place that afford that allows us to save money. * Convenience for those who work. Working from home one Although it is sometimes to problems in general one works much more comfortable, also saves money by not having to travel, etc. * flexible schedules: this conventional offices may also apply, but really when we work each from our homes the thing makes much more sense. But like everything, there are also disadvantages: * communication: while today's tools serve well to make smooth communication, there is nothing faster conversation person person. * Absolute dependence on internet: If someone becomes momentarily without internet virtually is impossible to work. * Lack of space for meetings: sometimes it is necessary to have a place to meet with clients, the place is important to improve the image of the company, at least in the eyes of the more traditional companies.
Executive Secretariat Human happiness is not generally achieved with big blows of fate, that may occur rarely, but with small things that happen every day. Benjamin Franklin global economic scenarios involve the behavior of many successful, entrepreneurial companies, what they offer their products, services with competitive features of the present, quality and a range of product attributes that satisfy the needs of consumers who have conquered or plan to achieve it. Precisely within these companies, in their human resources, his team says is integration, compromise product of effective, participatory, innovative, creative, leadership strategist, who has been able to positively influence the behaviour of the working groups, manifesting a productivity able to comply with the demand that manifests itself in the markets where they operate. Since then, within that team you have a plaintiff very representative in the interests of the effectiveness of a good management, as it is the role of the Executive Secretary. The Secretariat Executive for management constitutes an important management support, because thanks to it you can achieve their actions to achieve the required impact. A well integrated Secretariat functions of the modern manager able to collaborate with their actions, all those requirements that are made manifest a role of a Manager proactive, able to face the challenges and generate changes, transformations that modern scenarios demand. Because of great changes, many sometimes threats arising from the environment where companies, due to the action of actors as the State, which is very in the Venezuelan case unfolds determinant, competition, consumers, requires a management with much vision, change management, capable of facing the challenges and know the opportunities. A management that counts with the collaboration to achieve their plans of a good Executive Secretariat that requires determining attribute to allow their achievements. Attributes such as: efficiency, basic knowledge of administrative functions,...