Virtual Secretariat There is a service that brings a great efficiency to companies allowing outsourcing different services of organization which consume both personal and economic resources. This service is the virtual secretariat that allows that our Organization despreocupe calls attention, management agenda and appointments, and another type of activities tedious but extremely important since they directly affect the productivity of our business. The virtual secretariat or remote is also a very relevant and used outsourcing modality. This occurs mainly because that allows a drastic reduction in operating costs while for SMEs and freelancers can mean a clear improvement in the image of the company in the face of potential customers. But what kind of services offered us virtual secretarial companies? It must be said that depending on the size of this type of companies services change. For example, a service recurring although intended only to a defined type of companies of Secretariat virtual is the provision of virtual offices. This service allows you to have, without payment of an expensive rental, an address of reception of professional shipping as well as the option of using resources such as booking meeting rooms. However this service is not one of the most widespread. We highlight them 2: 1) call: covers call handling and your filter so that our organization receives only those that comply with a series of set parameters (specific recipient, commercial approach etc.). A service there is star that is the reception of calls 24 h perfect for services that never sleep like eg emergency plumbers, locksmiths etc. within calls attention. (2) Management agenda and appointments: covers the management of our entire calendar of meetings and appointments to which we will have access at all times. Even parameters can be included as standard duration to automate more of the process. These two...
Virtual Secretary Today undoubtedly internet is very important in the life of individuals and companies. With the current progress of communications is no longer necessary to have a space physicist and domiciliation of societies are the ideal choice for business of recent introduction in a specific territory, or eyebrow to the internet has come to supplant footprint it by the virtual space. A virtual Secretary serves for that very reason, is a virtual space where you can develop activities similar to an Office. That is, a place where developed professional tasks in order to provide a service to companies and individuals. With a virtual secretariat if you can minimize the costs of structure of a multinational, small and medium enterprises, and entrepreneurs or self-employed. Thanks to the domiciliation of societies will reduce the initial expenses of a physical Office, which can often be costly. Advantages of a virtual office * cost: not having a physical place that afford that allows us to save money. * Convenience for those who work. Working from home one Although it is sometimes to problems in general one works much more comfortable, also saves money by not having to travel, etc. * flexible schedules: this conventional offices may also apply, but really when we work each from our homes the thing makes much more sense. But like everything, there are also disadvantages: * communication: while today's tools serve well to make smooth communication, there is nothing faster conversation person person. * Absolute dependence on internet: If someone becomes momentarily without internet virtually is impossible to work. * Lack of space for meetings: sometimes it is necessary to have a place to meet with clients, the place is important to improve the image of the company, at least in the eyes of the more traditional companies.