Executive Secretariat Management needs your trust in a secretariat which expresses a commitment to make effective the information necessary to manage their decisions that lead to favorable results, be careful in handling these, integrating requirements management needs to facilitate their management, know how to manage their time and prioritizing functions according to their relevance. The Executive Secretariat at the present time should not never neglecting its level of aspirations, kept up-to-date progress of everything what has an impact on making his role optimal excellence, plan their activities based on results that favor him and help the Organization to where serves the achievement of the planned objectives. Modern management requires to meet the challenges that the country as in the Venezuelan case which is presented with a scenario too turbulent, product of the actions Government, which expresses many gaps in their programs, mode to operate, impact generated in the business sector in the country, rely on an efficient secretariat, which put trust, knowledge for the development of its plans in its executionto provide a function of management services for the members of the company, consumers and bindings of this. It must not management never neglecting the performance, performance of its secretariat, support for your personal growth, provide you with the training and development required. They definitely require companies be more careful when selecting the Executive Secretariat, to other secretariats that these comply with the profile that the present time demands and already was mentioned, otherwise, the organizational behavior will be affected and since then its climate does not It will benefit all the company.. environment-empresarial.
Executive Secretariat General considerations if what you say is not more beautiful than silence: don't tell. Arabic proverb the economic characteristics of the current scenarios show very competitive, dynamic companies, generators of transformations that have given way to a proactive marketing in favour of economies, markets, technological developments that try to satisfy the needs that consumers are demanding. All this has entailed that the role that each Member of the Organization should play towards results that favor him take companies through its resources, especially the human seriously. So observed changes in many roles from senior positions, until the technical work and since then. What concerns us in this opportunity of the Executive Secretariat. No surprise that Fernando Vigorena type in relation to the topic, to consider that we live a change of era and not an era of change which translates into a genuine process of structural anorexia who lives the modern company, outsourcing of functions half toward external providers, structures in networks, the transition from mass markets to segmented markets and in general an atmosphere little conducive to make career in with detachable, disposable, portable, disposable structures and until virtual companies that are constantly changing. Precisely these changes demand of enterprising people with vision that den step to its potential, skills, experiences that encourage him in his performance in the achievement of the essential functions. Current reality companies at present are facing great challenges, to changes that lead to restructure its operation, forcing its management this more attentive in the type of organizational structure that is needed, as well as in the description of the functions that should be the team, that that accompany him towards results conducive to the organization. Required professional proactive, visionary, highly trained, motivated to properly use its potential creative, innovative. True entrepreneurs which involves creating an...