United States Already started to used by the United States immigration service the new system for the interview of citizenship and naturalization, from October 10 entered into force the new citizenship test. Applicants who are now presented to the interview should be prepared with the new list of 100 citizenship questions that contain relevant information about history, polity and rights and duties of citizens.The new test was designed with the idea of making the process more conducive to a true integration of immigrants into society and American nation. Applicants should still be able to understand and speak English at a basic level, but civic questions are provided for those who study materials available.Questions of citizenship are now grouped by topics, which makes the most logical content and facilitates the study:-principles of American democracy: 12 preguntas-Sistema of Government: 33 preguntas-Derechos and responsibilities of the citizen: 9 preguntas-Historia of the colonial era and independence: 18 preguntas-Preguntas over the period of the years 1800: 6 questions - recent American history and other important historical information: 9 Preguntas-geografia: 8 Preguntas-simbolos: 3 Preguntas-dias holidays: 2 preguntasComo you can see, the bulk of the questions the themes of system of Government and the principles of American democracy, the new test seeks to measure knowledge of immigrants on the functioning of democracy in the United States.UU. and all applicants must prepare well to know how the institutions of the country, who are elected officials at various levels, and as they are elected.The current questions are focused on measuring the person preparing to integrate into society, and the aim of the interview is not trying to mislead the applicant to reject him, quite the contrary. The questions can be printed directly from the website of the immigration service, and the official who conducts the interview will choose up to a...
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