Pioneer PDP-LX5090: Full HD Plasma TV 3 x scart, component input, audio, optical out, 3 hdmi sent back. AV-in slot, usb, headphone jack - side. Yet there is a connector for a pc D-Sub, pointing down. Considering that the black is the basis for high quality playback of all primary colors, display detailed game of shadows, creating a sense of depth and space, the producers decided to give the reproduction of black color in their tv special attention. So the idea of creating a series of tv kuro, which is translated from Japanese means "Black." In plasma screens kuro, according to the manufacturer, managed to achieve such levels of black which is 80% darker than could be achieved earlier in flat TVs. With this now markedly increased level of contrast and the number of transitions between light and dark areas on the image. In particular, is a filter Direct Colour Filter 3 +, designed to remove from the screen glare from external light sources and enhance the contrast of the image. Plasma tv ninth generation Pioneer PDP-LX5090 boasts a stylish design. Also note that apparatus equipped with a digital DVB-T tuner for receiving digital terrestrial television channels. For quick setup pictures Pioneer PDP-LX5090 provides a rich set of preset picture modes: "Optimal", "Standard", "Dynamic", "Motion Picture", "Sports", "The Game". When a television signal standard-definition component input resolution of the video path was about 470 tv lines. tv shows deep blacks, rich white, good detail of how dark and bright scenes. Digital artifacts of motion is not noticeable (or rather, they can neutralize the regulations of noise reduction and sharpness).
Central America In Central America, the forest area has decreased by 40% the past 40 years, period that coincides with the growth of livestock. Since 1990, the area of forests in the world that is lost each year is equivalent to the size of a country like Portugal, according to FAO data. The increase in meat production is due to a transformation in the models of consumption in the world, controlled by an increasingly small minority that decides the assortment of foods from the big supermarket chains, extended by the developed world and expanding in countries that yearn to be it. Such is the case of India and China, with 2. 300 million inhabitants, are soaring global consumption of meat. In China, food staples such as rice consumption has decreased considerably, but demand for meat has quadrupled since 1980. Although the Asian giant has had remarkable achievements in its economic development and to alleviate hunger, there are still millions of peasants that you are hungry. Globally, more than 800 million people suffer from hunger or malnutrition. Even so, most of the crops of corn and soybean in the world feeds animals slaughtered for a minority. As a more recent phenomenon, thousands of hectares are destined to grow tons of Argentine soy not to feed this hungry population, but that some people can drive your car without charge of consciousness. Therefore, United Nations speaks of crime against humanity. Excessive consumption of meat is characteristic of societies that are seeing grow children with less life expectancy than their parents at their age or with a high probability of developing diabetes by eating habits. We have to ask ourselves less dependent on meat and more balanced diets not only to digest all these data, but to improve our bodies, our environment and our society. Carlos...