Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeev The official believes that the elimination of this infrastructure should be the most important outcome of the investigation circumstances of the crash. World Wildlife Fund Russia (WWF) also requires an investigation into the legality of hunting animals in the Red Book of passengers helicopter crashed in the Altai Mi-8. According to the 'WWF Russia ', goats remained in the Russian Federation only about 200 individuals. By the end of the xxi century, half the world's population will starve American researchers claim that by the end of the xxi century global warming will seriously affect crops in the tropics and subtropics and make half the world's population go hungry if the next few years not to take drastic measures to adapt agriculture to climate change. It should be noted that severe weather be limited to problems in the tropics, the researchers note. For example, in Western Europe in the summer of 2003 was set to record temperature, which led to the deaths of 52 thousand people and reduce grain yield by one third. In the tropics Higher temperatures could lead to a reduction of 20% to 40% of the harvest of staple foods - maize and rice. In the case of reduction of yield hundreds of millions of people living in the area from the southern usa to southern Brazil and India from the north to south Australia, as well as in Africa, may leave their land for foraging. At the same time, Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeev said that the natural and climatic conditions in Russia make it possible to provide food for 450 million, three times the population of Russia.
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