Romanesque City At 60 km from the airport of Pula on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula in the lagoon of the same name, with intricately indented coastline is conveniently located in the town of Porec. It is the most visited tourist attraction of Croatia thanks to excellent infrastructure, amazingly beautiful scenery and excellent opportunities for recreation. History of the peninsula on which now houses Porec, started in the II century BC, when Roman legionnaires founded their settlement here (Castrum). At the time of the Emperor Octavian settlement became a city called Colonia lulia Parentium. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the rulers of this city began to change one another: Goths, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, Napoleon, Austro-Hungary and Italy. It was only after World War II, Istria was reunited with Croatia. Porec - one of the few cities in Croatia with well-preserved ancient Roman houses, temples, medieval walls and towers. There are still remnants of the Roman Forum and the temples of Mars and Neptune, the Basilica mosaic Eufraziana Byzantine era which is in the list of world treasures UNESCO, the House of the Two Holy Priest and the Romanesque period, the palaces in the style of Gothic and Baroque. Opposite the waterfront - the emerald isle of St. Nicholas with a lock of XIX century. Tuscan style, rebuilt in the hotel, and the lighthouse, which is already more than 400 years. Porec is famous for its delicious wines, cheeses and olive oil. The city is a huge number of well-known bars, night clubs, discos and restaurants, working until morning. Numerous outdoor cafes crowded during the season, and with the stunning waterfront offers a great view of the nearby islands, fishing boats and yachts passing. In the old town there are small cozy gardens with century pines. Coast of the...
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