Opening Design Application of our curtains has two main goals: to hide from prying eyes and do it beautifully. That this is more important at different times, people have decided differently, however, the blinds are always used. Culture of countries such as France, Rome, Japan and Austria are also reflected in modifications in the development of the appearance and texture of the curtains. Each country has its own characteristics: the design of curtains, materials for making curtains - all associated with climate and culture of the country, as well as its traditions. For example, for India, China, France and Italy, the traditional material for curtains was silk, and for England and Scotland - wool. As regards the countries of Central Asia and America, there used cotton, but in Russia - flax. In countries with hot climates such as Egypt, Greece, the design of curtains was the simplest: the curtains serve their protective function. They were a band of fine fabric. In the richer houses curtains give much more attention: they were decorated with ornaments, which included motifs meander, trefoil, and gold thread. Drapery fabric attracts much attention. Applied horizontally, cascade, and other draperies. Skillful location of tissues in the costume was valued as people of the ancient world and in the design of their homes. It was in ancient and classical world laid the foundations of classical drapery, relevant in the next century until today. Also was an important functional role of curtains in a medieval castle, where it was necessary to keep warm and prevent cold wind to get inside. that's why the curtains made of thick fabric. Special interest in decorating was not, however, at this time appeared oppredelennye decorative elements associated with the Gothic style: forged elements, which reproduce the floral motifs, hot tips, etc. The next step in...
What Is A Timeout ? Today we will talk about this method of positive parenting as a timeout. God made children so young, so that when they go out of control, we could take them up and give them a timeout. Often, the child behaves bad simply because he forgot that his parents - the main and it suits him. And, if the child does not get what he needs to feel like work, he eventually loses contact with her parents and goes out of control. Children need guidance. Time-outs are needed in order to regain control when emotions become too strong. Even many adults do not know how to manage their emotions in stressful situations. Especially can not wait for this to children. If a parent feels anger, anxiety, depression, apathy, censure, embarrassment or guilt, then he should look inside yourself and overcome negative emotions. The difference between adult and child that an adult is able to understand himself, when he needs a timeout, and the child - no. If an early age to teach a child to the time outs, starting with nine or ten years, he himself will take time-outs whenever feel the inner tension and the spirit of contradiction. It's easy, but there needs practice. Giving the child a timeout, an adult acquires control not only over the child, but also on themselves. The kid stops resisting when he able to feel and release the three underlying negative emotions - anger, sadness and fear. Adults also can get rid of negative blocks resentment, guilt and self-pity - for that he needs to take time out to review, feel and release the negative emotions.