Norwegian Forest Cat Norwegian Forest cat (Norwegian forest cat) - a natural, long-haired breed originally from Norway. Also dwells on the European side. It is believed that the Norwegian forest cats were pets Vikings. Due to its dlinnoyshersti these cats managed to preserve their breed. Mostly they lived in the woods, creeping out to bask in the fermeskie land. For subsistence fished and hunted. Until now, this breed is an excellent hunter of mice, rats and even squirrels. Because of the risk of extinction of species in Norway set up a special breeding program of Norwegian forest cats and now the breed has gained popularity in other European countries, for example, is very popular in Scandinavia. The most basic feature of the Norwegian Forest cat breed her long warm coat. Full sprouting hair cat is for 4 years. The color of the Norwegian forest is not important, it is important wool. Breeders this breed care about that coat of pet meet all standard. The head of Norwegian timber as an isosceles triangle, a rounded forehead, strong chin. Ears are no longer round with good reason, placed high, so that the line of the ears follow the line of head to chin. Like a lynx long tufts of hair from his ears. Eyes large, oval, well opened, the color is not important. The body is big and muscular, like a real hunter. Tail to the Norwegian forest is long and thick, should dostingnut at least the blades, but preferably the neck. Character of the Norwegians are very interesting. He and intellectual and funny at the same time gentle and laid-back, energetic and sociable, as well as demanding. Excellent and helpful friend for life. Norwegians need to comb, to care for his hair. Also at home is recommended grooming the animal.
Eugene Kotov Sellers Today, with increased competition and a shortage of skilled personnel in the sales department, any leader of the organization and the sales department is interested in how to sell more effectively. But how to raise the level of sales a higher level? It is this theme was dedicated to the past recent training seminar, "Secrets of Effective Sales, training center, Arsenal-D". Conducted his business coach and consultant Eugene Kotov, Founder Company Workshop Group, a member of wise (an international association of entrepreneurs using technology to control Ron Hubbard). After the event, he answered some questions for newspaper work today. " "Work today ": Eugene, tell me if any man can learn to sell, or a successful salesman - this is from God? Eugene Kotov: I used to think that a good seller - it is necessarily an inborn talent. But when my eyes for Within months of the timid and shy youngsters grow different vendors, I had to revise his opinion. Sales - the art of changing people's opinions about anything. This is achieved in the learning process of managers. Yes, some sellers may indeed be communicative abilities of nature, and therefore they are successful in their business, but if others are hard to learn the same techniques of communication and sales, then chances are they will catch up and may overtake their teachers. Having the tools that I spoke to sales training, you can achieve very good results, if you really want this. Required knowledge of technology sales and the desire sell - it's enough to leave on a good level of sales.